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A2 Attorneys


+7 (495) 545 4917

123022, Moscow, Russia, Rochdelskaya str. 15 - 16a, fl.5

О нас
Представляем Вам юридическое бюро А2.Адвокаты - проект, созданный слаженной командой юристов. Рынок и без нас полон суровых специалистов в серых костюмах, которые держатся профессионального жаргона в ущерб человеческой речи. Нет, само по себе это не хорошо и не плохо. Но мы думаем, что юристам пора начинать относиться менее серьезно к себе и более серьезно к делам Клиентов.

Коротко о нас: более 30 000 часов в суде, более 40 000 часов разговоров с клиентами, почти 50 000 часов биллинга.
Суммарный опыт работы наших специалистов составляет более 50 лет. И весь этот опыт работает на Вас. 

Real estate in Russia, dispute resolution in local courts, Russian and cross-border taxation matters, M&A, market entrance and interaction with Russian authorities, overall local support for foreign businesses.

This is a special foreign service project launched by an experienced team of Russian lawyers.

A2.Attorneys bureau can be recommended as a supporting law firm for foreign businesses willing to invest or to develop in Russian Federation.

The firm was established in 2002. Some of our experts bring with them up to 15 years of experience. Previously we had been working in formal organizations with their own varieties of strict rules and traditional methods. Now we know that this is merely the surface of things, and such a surface is not necessary. It is the actions and experience that must be serious, making use of the most contemporary and effective of methods, while the rest of the equation is just a matter of personal preference.

Therefore we started over in a different way.

The market does not need one more office full of overly serious guys tightly dressed in dark blue ties and grey suits. NO, this in itself is neither good nor bad. 

However, we have come to believe that it is time for lawyers to stop being so serious about themselves and to start being even more serious about their clients’ needs.

This is why we are starting up all over again – and yet we are doing it differently this time.

We talk straightforwardly and stick to what is most important. You would never speak with so much jargon when explaining something to a friend, would you? That’s something we remember in our daily work. We tell our clients: this is what you really need to care about, while those other things are just words. This demands your attention – and while that is not something you can influence, we can only ensure a sufficient result.

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